Special Hurricane Gustav edition
of BenBahr.com

The track of Gustav

Ice Distribution at Trinity

One of Trinity's Chainsaw Brigades

The home of one of Trinity's members

Welcome to Boredom's Greatest Ally, found right here at benbahr.com!  Relax, kick off your shoes and stay a while.  On second thought, leave your shoes on.  BGA doesn't stand for Body's Gagging Aroma, you know.





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Thursday, September 11, 2008

If your computer can play MIDI music, you are currently listening to "Bliss" - an original composition.  My other compositions and arrangements can be found by clicking the "Music" button.  To stop the music, press the stop button on your browser.  If that doesn't work... can't help you.

Now a little bit about each of the buttons (not that anyone's actually read this far).

Welcome: This page!  Go figure.

What's Up?:  If there's anything going on in life, anything new, or anything just plain stupid, I'll post my thoughts here.  This is also where my awards are announced: the Special Person of the Day (SPoD) and the McMoron Prize of Intelligence (MMPI).  Nominations accepted.

Music:  This gets you to my own original pieces, as well as some I've arranged over the years.  The Music button will give you a new menu.

Neat Stuff:  You'll find all sorts of fun, boring, hilarious, crude, or pointless sites in this menu.  A great place to waste time.  (Speaking of wasting time, just about every picture you see is made by me from actual screen shots.)

Links:  Links to places I recommend visiting.

Contact Me:  Let your fingers do the walking.

If you have any comments/suggestions, contact me.