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Last updated 12-1-05

Like the sites here?  Think you know a better one?  Prove it!  Submit your Neat Site to me via e-mail, and I will most likely post it here!  All links verified functioning on 4/23/2008.  Please e-mail me if any don't work.

Don't forget to end my site's music with the "STOP" button before viewing these sites - otherwise the sound can overlap!

B L U E   B A L L   F A C T O R Y

Now this is truly a complete waste of time.  But seriously, I can't stop going there.  I don't know whether it's the music or the mesmerizing effects, but something keeps drawing me back again... and again... and again...  Click it.  You know you want to.

D O   N O T   P R E S S

Can you resist?

T H I S   L A N D

I can't stop laughing at this thing.  Unlike most of the other sites I present, this animation equally makes fun of both Kerry AND Bush.  Definitely worth a view.  It's 8 MB, so you'll either need a fast connection or something else to do for a while.  After clicking this, either run the file or save it to your computer and THEN run it.  It's hosted here on my website and the file has been verified virus-free.  Best line: "<SLAP> Whad'd I do!?"

B U S H   S H O O T   O U T

Terrorists have seized the White House!  Shoot your way out!  A very well done game, with some guest appearances by other cabinet members.  My top score was 232600.


This site, courtesy of Jim Fleming, involves a Yeti, a bat, and a whole bunch of penguins.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like an ideal evening to me.  See how far you can bat them!  My highest score so far is 537.4.  An excellent site to enhance boredom!  Click once to ready your bat and again to swing away.  Batter up!

T H E   E N D   O F   T H E   W O R L D

Really, really, really dumb.  That's why it's great.  A high-budget film with breathtaking special effects, "The End of the World" discusses the most morbid of all topics.  I guess.

Warning: Includes profanity.

I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   T H E
S E A R C H   E N G I N E

I laughed so hard that I cried on this one.  Somebody typed in actual conversation questions into Ask Jeeves and talked with it for a while.  The answers are real, and are absolutely hilarious.

W E   L O V E   T H E   I R A Q I
I N F O R M A T I O N   M I N I S T E R

Mr. Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf at his finest!  This site dedicated to the reassuring quotes the Iraqi Information Minister gave as his country was quickly conquered by coalition forces.  As President George W. Bush said in an NBC interview, "He's my man!  He was great... he was a classic."  Sahaf himself is not quite so impressed.  He reports, "We have destroyed 2 tanks, fighter planes, 2 helicopters and their shovels - We have driven them back."  Please!  Not the shovels!

F L Y   G U Y

Feeling stressed out?  Long day of classes/work?  Go to this page and use the arrow keys to let this guy's imagination soar.

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